Air Weapon Licensing Act (Scotland)

From 1st July 2016 the Scottish Government is introducing a new licensing system for most air weapons in Scotland.

The new law is set out in Part 1 of the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2015,


UKSARC (Scotland)

On Sunday 8th May, Westfield ARC will be holding round 1 of the UK Sporting Air Rifle Challenge League.

This is, as far as we know, the first ever Sporting Air Rifle Challenge shoot in Scotland.
It is a bit different from the usual HFT.
The main differences are, kill zones are head shots, there are no pegs to shoot from. You can take a shot from any safe position in the designated area. It is up to the shooter to find the best position to take the shot from.

It looks like fun, so if you want to give it a try:-

VENUE : Westfield ARC, Muirhouse farm, Strathblane.
DATE: 8th May
TIME: Sign-in from 9.30 - Safety brief 11.30- Start 12.00


Sporting rifle (factory fitted stock only)



Junior 9-15


Target rifle*

*A target rifle will be deemed as any rifle that is fitted with an aftermarket stock or has an adjustable butt, cheek piece, or hamster.

HOWEVER, If you have a sporting rifle with an adjustable cheek piece, move it to the closed position.

Same with adjustable butt pad, put it in the middle position. If you have a hamster, remove it. You may now shoot in the SAR class.

It would seem that the crazy open sight guys are going to shoot this course as well for their own open sights trophy,
so expect the occasional yell when they hit something (Very occasional).

The course will consist of the following 30 targets:
5 of 12mm-15mm hit zone targets from 15-25yds
10 of 18mm-24mm hit zone targets from 8-30yds ( 2 to max 35yrds)
10 of 25mm-34mm hit zone targets from 8-40yds (2 to max 45yrds)
5 of 35mm-40mm hit zone targets from 8-45yds (2 to max 50yrds)

The shot will be taken from a designated area clearly marked with pegs and a number.
The shot may be taken using any safe shooting position from anywhere within this area, using any available support within the lane.
Bean bags and shooting mats may be used to sit/lie/kneel on. You may not use a beanbag or mat as a support for your rifle.
On approaching the firing line you have one minute in which to take your shot.
The trigger finger must remain behind the line with the muzzle over it.

You will get 2 points for a knock down, 1 point for hitting the plate and 0 for a miss.
Rifles must be pointed down at all times unless on the firing line and only loaded at the firing line.
Any type of scope can be used. Zeroing, magnification and parallax must be set prior to the first shot and left untouched until the course is completed.
Shooters must be 9 or older; all juniors must be under the direct supervision of their parent or guardian on the day.
When a single blast of a whistle or hooter is heard all competition shooting must immediately stop.
Shooters must then discharge their rifles into the ground, away from the target, at a safe distance.
Upon hearing two blasts of the whistle or hooter firing may re-commence.

The usual food and drink will be available on the day and there will be a raffle and a Golden Bunny challenge.
This is a new discipline for us, so we hope everybody enjoys it.

Airgun Licencing Laws Introduced

The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill has been introduced you can read the bill by cicking the link below

Also please find a link to SARPA for news and updates


Any updates will also be posted on our Facebook page.

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